Travels from Overend

Travels with and without a Lotus


Me at EPCOT. I’m not from Miami but I support the Dolphins. In all the matches I’ve been to, I’ve never seen them lose

Hello, my name’s Liam and welcome to my site! On here I will share my travel tales, festival stories and the odd anecdote about owning a convertible sports car in the UK.

I have recently discovered that I enjoy writing and am currently putting together my first book, but to break up the lengthy process of sitting down and writing a whole book, I decided to start this blog to capture all the shorter travel stories I have.

For those of you who want to know, the Lotus is a Type 23 S2 Elise with the 1.8l Rover K-Series engine. It is number 24 of 50 and is brilliant, although it can be a chore at times. It gets a lot of attention (I think it’s the stripes).

When I’m not traveling around the world or going to gigs, I enjoy climbing, playing my guitar and playing computer games, especially if they involve throwing blue shells at people or shooting zombies. I listen to far too much music as well.

During the day, I work as a metallurgist. This means I work with metals and involves using microscopes, acids, liquid nitrogen and other things that require a lab coat and ‘warning – ionizing radiation’ signs. It’s very geeky and I get to break things for a living…

Me, writing at The Breakers at Palm Beach. I’m not a big fan on swimming but I got to use their pool for the day. It was a case of ‘it’s not who you are but who you know…’

I have two other blogs, one where I share my poetry, written in rhyme and generally humorous and satirical.

The other looks at the games in my computer game collection – Many are that old that they are considered retro by today’s standards. They can be found here:

All the photos are my own and were taken by myself or with my camera if I’m in them!



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