Corregidor courtesy of Google Maps

A Friday Fancy for the weekend. A few months ago, a friend of mine was reading my blog post about Fort Jefferson and Dry Tortugas and collared me. “Here,” he said, “I know where your next Friday Fancy should be – Corregidor, it’s a fort in the Philippines.”

“Does it have cannons?” I asked? I love a good cannon. He told me a bit more about it and I was sold. “Go on then, how do you spell it?”

Looking at it on the map, Corregidor is a tiny island in the entrance to Manila Bay. It’s easy to see why a fort was built on the place. It also looks like a little sperm going for a swim, but we won’t labour that point.

The fort itself is now a ruin and during the Second World War a lot of American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers lost their lives there. It now serves as a memorial and a tourist attraction.

It does look like a good place to visit – small island, military ruin; it even has a lighthouse! I should get out that way and explore it.

The island had come to my friend’s attention as he had posted a war-gaming blog about the Pacific conflict between the Americans and the Japanese (click here to have a nosey). The Japanese launched an attack on the American fleet stationed in the area within twelve hours of their attack on Pearl Harbour. Needless to say, the Japanese were ruthless and as lot of people lost their lives.

Have you ever been to Corregidor? What should I expect to see? Let me know!

All the best,