Iceland courtesy of Google Maps

It’s been ages since I’ve written a ‘Friday Fancy’; I’ve not run out of places I want to visit, I just haven’t been very good at blogging recently! So where else would I like to visit in the world? Iceland!

I used to work in Iceland when I was younger (the frozen food supermarket, not the country) and I still have my name badges, although they have now been converted into fridge magnets. That is my tenuous link.

As for the country, it looks like the perfect adventure playground, perfect for off-roading, dog sledding and ice-climbing. It also looks so picturesque. There are plenty of things on my to-do list in the country and seeing the northern lights is top. I know that you can see them up the road from where I live, but sightings are rare and I’ve heard that you can get better views further north. Although sightings are not guaranteed, many places will offer to take you a few times at no extra cost in case of a no-show.

I suppose the Blue Lagoon is also on my list of things to see, although I’m not really a water person. I’d probably dip my toe in to see if the temperature was satisfactory and then head off looking for a beer.

It’d be nice to climb the volcano that halted all air travel for a few days. I have no idea how to pronounce it so if I needed to ask for directions, I’d be a bit stumped. I imagine I’d have to resort to arm waving and diagrams. Actually, writing it down would probably be the sensible approach.

Apparently there’s a Game of Thrones tour you can do as well, but I struggled watching the show and never made it through the first season (much like Sean Bean – and that’s not a spoiler, he dies in everything apart from Sharpe), so the tour would be lost on me. I could give it a good go though and show up on the bus with my IKEA rug, but I think I’d be getting funny looks off people when I didn’t get excited about getting a selfie at Jon Snow’s Cave. I’d be the person asking the tour guide how you pronounce ‘Grjotagja’.