Great Pyramid at Giza courtesy of Google Maps


Holy great pyramids of Giza! I have never been to Africa and therefore, never seen the pyramids in Egypt (or anywhere in fact). I would love to visit them and marvel at their grandness as they tower ever so high, gaining a stiff neck in the process! Who wouldn’t?

The Great Pyramid at Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it’s easy to understand why when you see the photos of it. I suppose my fascination of pyramids comes from all of those primary school projects and the endless times I have completed Tomb Raider over the years!

Although there are hundreds of pyramids scattered across Egypt and the surrounding African countries (which also deserve exploring one day in my opinion), the ones in Cairo are the ones I want to see first. I should learn to scuba dive too so I could visit Sharm El-Sheikh in the same visit…. I feel a plan hatching!

The thing I’m not sure about though is if I’d want to visit them as part of a big tour group. I feel that sometimes when you go round things in a large group you don’t have time to take things in, especially when the tour guide wants to move you along to the next point of interest. I’d rather explore things at my own pace.

I have some friends moving out to Cairo in the summer for a few years and I am aiming to meet them whilst they are out there. Maybe they could be my own personal tour guides?!