Portmeirion courtesy of Google Maps

To say I lived in Wales for five years, I never visited much of the place whilst I was there. I studied in Swansea and the furthest I ventured was Worm’s Head on the Gower Peninsula. A few day trips to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for a rugby match or a concert were among a few other excursions, but when you’re a poor student with no car, exploration isn’t high on the agenda! As a result, there are a few places in Wales I want to get to and hopefully, in the upcoming months, I might be able to cross some of these off my to-do list. One of those places is Portmeirion.

Portmeirion is, according to my guidebook, a bizarre little village that was purpose built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. It is a mixture of building styles and designs from around the world where most of the buildings have been painted in bright colours, giving the impression that the village has been lifted from a fairy-tale. I want to see it!

One of Portmeirion’s claims to fame is that it was the set for the 1960s television series, ‘The Prisoner’. I never watched the program, but Iron Maiden wrote a song about it on their ‘Number of the Beast’ album. The place is also famous for its flowered pottery, but I don’t think Iron Maiden wrote a song about that.