Monaco courtesy of Google Maps

Ah, Monaco. The glitz, the glamour and the eighteen hour drive it would take me to get there! I am longing to visit the small principality and drive around the formula one circuit. I’d take in Casino, power through the tunnel, park at Rascasse and pretend to be rich. This would be a job for the Lotus as I don’t think doing it in my (t)rusty Focus would give me the same satisfaction. I would wear a tuxedo and have Carly Simon’s ‘Nobody Does it Better’ as my soundtrack; on repeat.

My travels along the Mediterranean are not very well documented as they have yet to occur. I saw the sea from the mountains surrounding Barcelona once and that’s as close as I’ve gotten. I’ve always wanted to go to Monaco and since owning the Elise, I’ve wanted to do it even more. The previous owner regaled me of a time when he did the journey and said that in the car parks full of Ferraris, McLarens and Aston Martins, the little Lotus got more than its fair share of attention. Apparently not many Lotus cars make it that far. They probably break down somewhere in France trying to get there. The way I see it, if my car has done it once, it can do it again! I shall have to find out.

My Lotus will return…