Cambodia courtesy of Google Maps

I once spent eight hours in Changi Airport, Singapore, and that is all the time I have spent in Asia. Personally, I don’t think this counts, so let’s just say I have never been to Asia. I would like to change this.

Of all the places that Asia has to offer, Cambodia is at the top of my list. I want to go and visit all of the temples (just like Tomb Raider!) and watch the sunrises and sunsets over them. I could spend hours poking about Angkor Wat and Bayon trying to find their hidden secrets. I would have to resist climbing to the top of them however; I guess that would be frowned upon. The jungles and national parks look fairly spectacular too. I love a good jungle.

I’m not sure if I could visit the killing fields as the stories of what happened there are horrible, it would be a very sobering affair. I would probably regret not visiting them though.

A few of my friends have visited Cambodia and have all enjoyed it immensely. They said that everyone they met was friendly and helpful (although I don’t think the cuisine agreed with them). I really need to visit.

Finally, I suppose I would have to visit Beng Mealea too, its name means ‘Lotus Pond’…