I’ve been extremely busy this week and haven’t had time to blog anything, but I have a few minutes now so here goes…

I’m currently sat in Heathrow waiting for a plane to take me back to Newcastle. I’m a little tired even though I did manage some sleep on my seven hour flight from Philadelphia, but that’s jet-lag for you.

I’ve just spent three glorious weeks in Florida with my partner and already the holiday blues are kicking in – I think work on Monday has something to do with it. The weather was wonderful and hot (most days) and I haven’t seen any rain in that time. We were playing mini-golf yesterday in the 27 degree heat and now it’s 8 degrees in London. We’re both in that cross-time zone state where we want to sleep but shouldn’t and our bodies don’t know what temperature we should be at! I can’t wait to get home and shower.

I also can’t wait for a shave. My beard trimmer broke on the flight out so I have three weeks of extra beard that needs dealing with. My moustache is taking more than its fair share of tea at the minute.

You’ll be delighted to know that I managed to make it to Key West, it did not disappoint. I’ll write about it soon.