Key West courtesy of Google Maps


Everyone has places they want to visit, and I have a list as long as my arm! One area of the world I am keen to get to is Key West in Florida.

I’ve visited Florida quite a few times and every time Key West has eluded me, mainly due to not having enough time to get there. I know a few people who have been and they have all said that it is a wonderful little paradise with good places to eat and great beaches to have a drink at and watch the sun go down.

I’d like to go purely for the drive along Highway 1, the road runs for miles above the sea on bridges linking the many islands and I think that view would be amazing to see. I’ve heard it’s up there as one of the best roads to drive in America. I also want to see Hemmingway’s house and the southern most tip of America.

The main reason I’d like to visit though, is to see the Dry Tortugas national park. It’s located off the tip of Key West and is 98% under water. There was a fort built there and it looks brilliant (like most forts do), rising up out of the sea looking stubborn but all alone. It’s supposed to be a good area for watching sea turtles and snorkelling.

Next time I visit Florida, I’ll have to make the time to get there….